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315 East Main St.
Norman, Ok


Bigfoot Creative is a graphic design, screen printing and retail clothing store located in downtown Norman, OK. Our goal is to provide an excellent customer experience by supplying a high quality product at a reasonable price.

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315 E. Main St, Norman, Ok | O: 405-420-0119 | Alt: 405-701-2406



Bigfoot Creative is a graphic design, screen printing and retail clothing store located in downtown Norman, OK. Our goal is to provide an excellent customer experience by supplying a high quality product at a reasonable price.


Store Hours

Monday - Thursday
10am - 6pm

10am - 7pm

11am - 4pm


Price QuOTES On CUStom Printing

Bigfoot Policy on rush orders, design fees, and other cost factors:

  • Bigfoot Creative has a 12 item order minimum.

  • Bigfoot requires 10 business days (excluding major holidays) to print a custom job once your art mock ups and invoices are approved.

  • A customer can print items with more than one design, but each design will be treated as is its own order and will require a minimum order of 12 items in that design.

  • Bigfoot charges a rush fee on jobs that require a quick turn around. Rush jobs must be paid in full. If a customer cancels at any point during the rush job, they will be refunded at a pro-rated rate for any work that has not yet been completed or items that have not been ordered. If the items have been ordered or screens have been burned, customers are still responsible for the balance on those services and materials.

    • 4-7 day turn around is 35% of the order's total.

    • 3-2 day turn around is 50% of the order's total.

  • Custom PMS matched colors are $20 per color. Bucket colors do not incur this fee. Customers must provide the exact Pantone number for us to match, unless they are asking us to match a color in a design they hired us to create. Then we will choose the Pantone number.

  • To use the same design but change the color of inks used between items incurs a $20 ink charge per color change. There is a 12 items per ink change minimum. Otherwise the ink change fee may go up to $30 for anything under 12 items.

  • Bigfoot takes customer's art files in Illustrator, Photoshop, or in a high resolution JPEG or PDF file.

  • Bigfoot charges an art/design fee of $35. The fee covers up to three major revisions and/or designs. Payment is due at the time the art request is made to the designer. The general turn around on designs is 3-5 days depending on when they payment was made.

  • Heat press names are $5, heat press numbers are $4. These do not apply to names in screen print designs. Heat press is generally used on items with team numbers and names. There is a 12 item minimum on heat press jobs as well.

  • Contract printing is when a customer brings us items to imprint. Customers must bring in a minimum of 12 items. We may or may not be able to print on the desired item depending on the material, shape, and location to be imprinted. There may be set up charges and other fees associated with contract jobs as there are fees for counting in items if customers have not inventoried ahead of time, removing tags, bags, and stickers to make garments or items print ready. Rush fees apply to contract jobs if the customer does not bring in their items 10 business days (excluding major holidays) from their hard due date.

  • Visit our product page to see which kinds of items we can imprint.

So that we may respond to your price quote inquiries in an efficient manner, please complete this form to the best of your knowledge. If you have questions for us, please leave them in the message box at the end of this submission form. 

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Phone *
If we need to call you for clarification, what is your preferred number for contact?
Must be submitted in the following formats or an art/design fee may apply: Illustrator, Photoshop, high resolution JPEG or PDF file. You will need to email your designs, if you have them, to
It doesn't have to be a fancy title, just something that helps us keep track of the job itself.
Remember Bigfoot's normal production time is 10 days after the art and invoice have been approved. If you need a faster turn around, rush fees apply.
Remember there is a 12 item minimum. We do not print one off garments. If you're looking for 1 item with multiple colors, you will need to find a direct to garment printer.
Please select the style of tee you're interested in from the options below.
Is your item a hoodie, tie-dyed, a bag, a hat, or ???
You can select up to 4 different colors in an order. Additional colors may incur an extra processing fee.
Note: we will not screen print over zippers or seams. That requires a different style of printing, sublimation, that we do not do.
Bigfoot can only do up to 6 colors for any design. (If you're on a budget, one color is your cheapest option.)
Bigfoot uses the Pantone Matching System. If color matching isn't a priority, then we match your color selection with the bucket color in the closest shade.
Heat press names are $5, heat press numbers are $4 per location. This is not the same as screen printing the name of a company or team. This is for heat pressing team or other group numbers or names.
Contract pricing (customer supplied garments) are a separate pricing system vs ordering blank items and screen printing on them. Please describe the items you would like us to print on. Keep in mind Bigfoot requires a 12 item minimum on all orders, custom or otherwise. Be aware that if you do not bring the items in 10 business days (excluding major holidays) in advance of the hard due date, rush fees apply.
What items are you planning to embroider? Keep in mind Bigfoot has a 12 item minimum on all orders. Also your design will incur a one time digitization fee of $50. Once it is on file, and unless you change it, the fee will not show up on future embroidery orders.
If there is something we haven't covered, please let us know what else is needed. You will need to email your designs, if you have them, to

GeneraL Inquiries 

Name *
This is a General Inquiry form. You can ask us about art walk, internships, employment, sponsorships, and other business related questions, like what we have available in the retail store. For Price Quotes on custom print jobs, embroidery jobs, and contract print jobs, PLEASE FILL OUT THE PRICE QUOTE FORM ABOVE. All price quote inquiries that come through the general form will be deleted, unopened. If you have questions about price quotes, you can also come into the store during business hours, set up an appointment with us if you like, and/or call 405-420-0119.


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