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Norman, Ok


Bigfoot Creative is a graphic design, screen printing and retail clothing store located in downtown Norman, OK. Our goal is to provide an excellent customer experience by supplying a high quality product at a reasonable price.


Q. Can I print just 1 shirt (or on anything less than 12 shirts)? 
A: No. Bigfoot Creative has a 12 item order minimum per design. If you’re looking for a small run option, please consider a direct to garment printer.

Q. What kind of shirts can Bigfoot Creative order for my custom job?
A: We order from a variety of warehouses. Please see our product page for favorite go-to options.

Q. Can I bring in my own shirts to imprint? 
A: Yes, we do contract printing. Contract printing is when a customer brings us items to imprint. Customers must bring in a minimum of 12 items. We may or may not be able to print on the desired item depending on the material, shape, and location to be imprinted. There may be set up charges and other fees associated with contract jobs as there are fees for counting in items if customers have not inventoried ahead of time, removing tags, bags, and stickers to make garments or items print ready. Rush fees apply to contract jobs if the customer does not bring in their items 10 business days (excluding major holidays) from their hard due date.

Q. Can I bring Bigfoot Creative my art? 
A: Yes. But be aware if your file is not considered print ready, you are adding days onto your final deadline to bring it up to speed by whatever means necessary: paying an art fee for Bigfoot’s designers to clean it up or reconstruct the design (due at the time a request is made), or pushing it back on your designer to send a higher/best resolution file.

Q. Can Bigfoot Creative print whatever I want if I’m designing it myself or having you design it?
A. We respect intellectual property right laws, so we will not reproduce anyone else’s branding unless you have been granted legal permission from the copyright/trademark holder. If you’re making a parody item, you will still need to change up your design enough so that you do not infringe on copyright/trademark law.

Q. What files does Bigfoot Creative accept for art? 
A. Illustrator, Photoshop, Highest resolution JPEG or PDF.

Q. What is the process if Bigfoot Creative designs the art? 
A. You submit an art request to with your design information. If you have a custom color, then we will need a link to the Pantone color you want us to use. We will also need you to submit any inspirational images that you want us to rework, and a few sentences about your envisioned layout. After your payment and information are logged, it generally it takes 2-3 business days to get a first draft of your design.

Q. How are custom colors priced?
A. Custom Pantone matched colors are $20 per color. Bucket colors do not incur this fee. Customers must provide the exact Pantone number for us to match, unless they are asking us to match a color in a design they hired us to create. Then we will choose the Pantone number.

Q. Can Bigfoot Creative do designs with a metallic sheen?
A. Yes, we can use a foiling screen print and transfer process to give your text or images that extra glean. We also have some metallic inks you can choose. We do suggest using white or black shirts with metallic inks for the best contrast/legibility.

Q.  I have an odd item that I'd like to imprint a design on, can Bigfoot Creative do it? 
A. Max imprint area on adult sizing: 12x18 inches. Max on a small imprint area on youth sizing: 9x12 inches. We can print on Koozies too.

Q. I need to heat press my sport teams’ names and/or numbers on their uniforms, what are Bigfoot Creative’s rates?
A. Heat press names are $5, heat press numbers are $4. These do not apply to names in screen print designs. Heat press is generally used on items with team numbers and names. There is a 12 item minimum on heat press jobs as well.

Q. How long does it take to receive my order? 
A. Bigfoot requires 10 business days (excluding major holidays) to print a custom job once the art and invoice are finalized.

Q. What is the process for an Art Approval?
A. An art approval entails a mock up being sent to you and you telling us if it meets with approval or needs to be revised. Art is not considered approved until verbal or written communication has been received. If you have a hard deadline, it is advised to build in extra time in your ordering process. The more complicated the request, the more time it will take to design, the more time it will take to get a mockup to approve, also sending a design back for revision adds time. Please plan accordingly.

Q. What is the process for an Invoice Approval?
A. An invoice approval happens after a customer has decided on the shirt style, colors, sizes, ink colors, and locations. The invoice is drafted and sent to the customer for payment. Half or full payment is due at the time the invoice is received, if a customer waits till 7 days or less from when their order is due, a rush fee will be applied. Once a payment has been logged the invoice is considered approved.

Q. Does Bigfoot Creative accept Purchase Orders (POs)?
A. Yes, but you must send a legible copy of your purchase order. Purchase orders are net 30 days from order finalization.

Q. Does Bigfoot Creative ship custom jobs?
A. Yes, we charge by shipping weight. Please factor your shipping method into your estimated due date.

Q. I’m a non-profit or business, what is the process for getting a sales tax exemption?
A. If you’re a non-profit in Oklahoma you submit a legible copy of your Oklahoma Sales Tax Exemption form to to keep on file. If you’re a business that intends to resell your shirts for profit, you will need to submit a legible copy of your Oklahoma Sales Tax Exemption permit to to keep on record. If you’re not reselling you’re shirts, Oklahoma sales tax still applies. Only Oklahoma Sales Tax Exemption forms and permits are accepted. Tax exemption forms and permits from out of state will not be accepted.

Q. What is a rush fee? 
A. Bigfoot charges a rush fee on jobs that require a quick turn around. Rush jobs must be paid in full at the start of the project and are non-refundable, even if the customer cancels the job while it’s in progress. If you wish to avoid a rush charge, please plan to have your art, invoice, and payment or purchase order taken care of 10 days out from your projected due date.

  • 4-7 day turn around is 35% of the order's total.

  • 3-2 day turn around is 50% of the order's total.

Q. Can Bigfoot Creative do embroidery?
A. Yes, we can do custom or contract embroidery. As with all Bigfoot orders, you must be ordering 12 items or more.

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