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315 East Main St.
Norman, Ok


Bigfoot Creative is a graphic design, screen printing and retail clothing store located in downtown Norman, OK. Our goal is to provide an excellent customer experience by supplying a high quality product at a reasonable price.

February Art Walk Artist: Robbi Fox


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February Art Walk Artist: Robbi Fox

Helen Grant

On Display February 8, 2019 to March 7, 2019

“I will be exhibiting a ten piece series, Local Legends: Oklahoma. The series celebrates native and adopted Oklahomans who live(d) authentic and meaningful lives. I hope to continue to exhibit similar series at other city art festivals across the country. Each piece is 12 x 16 and priced at $200.”


Robbi Fox is a migratory artist who celebrates the human condition through acrylic and mixed media portraiture. She studied Anthropology and Psychology at the University of North Texas. Her work has been exhibited in D.C., Texas, and Oklahoma. She enjoys long walks on the beach and sarcasm. 


The potential range for human emotion does not change throughout time nor space. Yet, the cultural conditions we are born into have the power to influence, restrict, and even pathologize this aspect of our experience. In Western culture, public expression of emotions beyond happiness and contentment, or even uncalibrated expressions of happiness, are deemed “inappropriate.” Therapist’s offices have become confessional boxes - the only places where we are permitted to honestly express complex thoughts and feelings which might be perceived as negative, pessimistic, ungrateful, whiny, lazy, selfish ... bad. 
My work explores the full scope of human emotional expression and celebrates individuals who embrace their authentic selves. I hope to draw attention to the fact that cultural conditions contribute to our emotional states and then restrict the expression of them. I believe that this type of examination will help us move towards valuing emotional experiences besides happiness, thereby restoring oneness between our cultural beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and bodies.


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