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315 East Main St.
Norman, Ok


Bigfoot Creative is a graphic design, screen printing and retail clothing store located in downtown Norman, OK. Our goal is to provide an excellent customer experience by supplying a high quality product at a reasonable price.

June Art Walk Artist: Ashley Morrison


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June Art Walk Artist: Ashley Morrison

Helen Grant



Artist Statement and Bio: I consider myself an aspiring creative who loves all things non-linear. I love the juxtaposition of odd pairings in art and music, and aim to incite others to be just as experimental. My favorite mediums are currently thread and cloth. I enjoy the cognitive challenge and rhythm of sewing and the tactile experience of gathering my favorite color of threads. I just cannot get enough of all the fabric and ribbon remnants. My grandmother taught me to sew, and her mother taught her, and I am teaching my own children. I consider my skill to be an ancestral gift and use it to channel ancestors and past experiences. I aim to create things that are as genre-less as my taste in music and hope to communicate stories with my art, incite people to build new neural connections with the observation of odd associations, and to provide a gateway to escape a reality that can be too grim in today’s world in the same way that my favorite authors provide an escape for me. My June 2nd Friday Artwalk exhibit will be my first and I can’t wait to share what I’ve been working on. Stay tuned.