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315 East Main St.
Norman, Ok


Bigfoot Creative is a graphic design, screen printing and retail clothing store located in downtown Norman, OK. Our goal is to provide an excellent customer experience by supplying a high quality product at a reasonable price.


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September Art Walk Artist: Rai Fordyce

Helen Grant




Artist Bio/Statement: My babysitter was the first to notice my interest in art. She'd draw something and I would copy it. Drawing was a way for me to create tiny, childish worlds with princesses and sorceresses. You know, the usual. I was escaping a very traumatic childhood. It led me to start working on my major in college, which was art therapy. I took art classes outside of school here and there, but that dramatically dropped, including classes at school, around the time I was sixteen or seventeen. I worked mainly with watercolors because the paints were easy to move around the page. I continued with this medium for another five or so years, but I wasn't satisfied. Everything to me looked undone or unprofessional. My technique seemed to plateau. I then ventured into jewelry because I had landed a job in a beadary. Iā€™d also started to raise children so my time working on jewelry was a way for me to make time for myself. I was still unable to go to more classes due to poverty, so when Pinterest and YouTube tutorials came into existence, it opened a door into experimenting in different mediums and styles. I bought an embroidery kit from the back of a feminist magazine. I chose the worst fabrics to work with and was still ignorant of so many types of stitches and yet, it was good, really good. I couldn't stop making line after line of thread. Everything I saw, I saw in stitches. My greatest series was of local women activists. All pieces sold within a day. I wanted to progress further by making wearable art. My Western shirts are a great depiction of that. Personally, I love all sorts of art, but I would never have enough room for all the canvases and portraits to hang on my walls. Ultimately I wanted to make an art or craft that could be utilized. I also wanted to be a part of the upcycle movement to cut down on environmental waste and overproduction in clothing. Have a rip or stain on your favorite shirt? Stitch a little happy healing into the piece so it won't be thrown into the dump.


Follow her Instagram: @myfairart